Name: Shannah Weller
Home institution: Community College of Vermont
Research institution/lab: University of Vermont Pharmacology Lab
Year in Fall 2022: Sophomore 
What I am researching: In the Glass Lab we are researching the function, structure, and the optimization of purifying two proteins! Understating these proteins could lead to the development of more advanced cancer-targeting treatments! 
Future goals: Ultimately, my goal is to become an astrobiologist, and research the origins of life and the potential for microbial extraterrestrial life with a focus on extremophiles.
DYK (Did You Know?): I was Miss Vermont USA 2020, and represented Vermont at the national Miss USA competition.

Name: Yar Deng
Home institution: Landmark College
Year in Fall 2022: Junior
Research institution/lab: University of Vermont/Thali Lab
What I am researching: I am researching the retrovirus HIV-1. In my lab, we are looking into how HIV-1 behaves under certain conditions and possible means by which we can alter its activity/transmissibility when these conditions are altered. More recently, the lab has begun looking into what role HIV-induced small T lymphocyte syncytia (multi-nucleated cells) plays in how the virus spreads.
Future goals: My future goal is to work in a lab full time as a lab tech doing research and supporting researchers with tasks that require me to use my technical skills.
DYK?: I know how to fly a Cessna 172!

Name: Ava Albis
Home institution: Saint Michael’s College
Year in Fall 2022: Senior
What I am researching: I am studying the effect of mutation to moesin, an actin-binding protein, on T cell migration. Using an immortalized T cell line, I am performing experiments to assess the phosphorylation status of moesin, the ability of the mutant T cells to be activated by chemokines, and the ability of the cells to transmigrate across a membrane. By gathering more information on the effect of moesin mutation on T cell behavior, I hope to learn more about how moesin and other actin-binding proteins work to facilitate T cell function and overall immune function.
Future goals: I plan to continue my education on cellular/molecular biology at the graduate level.
DYK?: I’m on the Saint Michael’s women’s tennis team.

Name: Kylie Berry 
Home institution: Northern Vermont University – Johnson 
Year in Fall 2022: Graduated from NVU-J in May of 2022, 1st year Doctorate of Physical Therapy Student at University of New England Fall 2022
What I researched: The relationship between sport specialization and lower extremity movement control in D3 male and female soccer,  basketball, and volleyball athletes. 
Future Goals: Earn my DPT degree and work as a Physical Therapist. 
DYK?: I’ve been to 49/50 states! Just have Alaska left to visit! 

Name: Amy Vetters
Home institution: Northern Vermont University – Johnson 
Year in Fall 2022: Final Semester before graduating in December 2022
What I am researching:  The use of neural networks as a means of identifying flow limitation in asthmatic flow/volume series. 
Future goals: I would like to work with data analysis either in the health or government security field. 
DYK?: I am a third-generation business owner, and I am the first in my family to hold multiple higher level education degrees.