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VT IDeA Retreat 2021

August 19, 2021

Date: Thursday, August 19 (following NERIC)
Time: 8:15AM-12:00PM
Venue: This event will be held online via Zoom. Details will be sent via email to all confirmed attendees.

8:15-9:00          Opening Remarks from VPR, Dr. Kirk Dombrowski, and VT IDeA Programs Overview

Each IDeA program will give a 5-minute introductory presentation with an overview of the program’s research focus and research resources that are available to the broader VT IDeA network (e.g. core services, etc.)

The IDeA Program speakers and order are:

Vermont Biomedical Research Network (INBRE) Dr. Tabitha Finch
Vermont Center for Cardiovascular and Brain Health (COBRE) Dr. Owen Nadeau
Translational Global Infectious Diseases Research, (COBRE) Dr. Beth Kirkpatrick
Vermont Center on Behavior and Health (COBRE) Dr. Stephen Higgins
Northern New England Clinical and Translational Research Network (CTR) Dr. Gary Stein
Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ISPCTN) Drs. Kelly Cowan and Leslie Young


9:00-12:00       Strategic Doing Workshop

Sarah James, a trained facilitator from the Atkisson Training Group (ATG), will lead this workshop. A brief overview of the Strategic Doing workshop follows:

The participants will be separated into groups of 5 to 7. We will need a facilitator and knowledge keeper for each group, who should be identified prior to the workshop and make themselves available for a one-hour training with ATG prior to the workshop. Each group will engage in a process to answer the following four questions that form a loop in which groups plan, do, reflect on that doing, and then make their next plans.

  • What could we do?
  • What are all the possible opportunities before us, based on the resources that we currently have, that would help us move toward the future we’d like to see?
  • What should we do? We can’t do everything – which opportunities, out of all the possibilities, should we pursue right now?
  • What will we do? What commitments are we going to make to one another to start pursuing that opportunity that we’ve identified as the best one?

These overarching four questions are broken down into 10 rules that provide the skills that are underneath, guiding the conversation to help groups effectively answer the questions. At the end of the workshop, each group is expected to have identified a pathfinder project that will take between three and six months to complete, have made a plan for the next 30 days, and set a regular meeting schedule for the time estimated to complete the project. The commitment will be small – usually around an hour over the next 30 days – but when everyone is making a commitment, it’s amazing how much can get done.


August 19, 2021
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