National Research Mentoring Network’s Mentee Course for Student Researchers
“Launching Research, Part 2: Tools for Organization and Investigation”
The purpose of this course is to inspire students to confidently explore research and acquaint them with skills they will use throughout their education and career. The purpose is also to introduce the concept that research can provide new and exciting opportunities. This course is divided into three modules. The first module introduces the user to data gathering, scientific and engineering methods, and data management and practices. The second module addresses the SWOT analysis, collaboration, research misconduct, and citation /reference management. The third module covers authorship and publication, theses and dissertations, scientific meetings, and intellectual property (patents and other IP). Each module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, and users are able to pause between lessons within the modules. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. For more information visit:

If you are a faculty, PI, administrator, etc. and would like to have your students/mentees take the course, we can help you create your own cohort/group and start enrollment. Email us at to get started!